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12 min 46/4 Royal Sun Turbo

 Medium Pressure is our most popular level. It delivers results that save you time and money! The Royal Sun Turbo line has less of a reddening ray when compared to the Level 1 Low Pressure , and in return offers more of the UVA bronzing ray. With the beautiful tan the bronzing ray provides, a base tan is achieved much quicker and will last longer. The average person will develop a tan in 5-8 sessions and will have to tan 2-3 sessions a week to maintain their developed tan. 


9 min Montego Boy Stand up Turob



The Montego Bay V-56 stand-up gives you an excellent tan in 9 minutes, with 56 – 190 watt lamps throughout. Since this is a stand-up unit there are no contact points with the acrylic, so tan lines are eliminated. 


12 min relaxing inspiration Turbo with 4 face tanners

 Raising The Bar
The Inspiration 450 is destined to set new standards in this class with its level of premium features, exciting styling, light design, generous comfort and, above all, UV performance. Ensuring a perfect, all-around tan, this sunbed has 42 Turbo Power 180 and 160-watt UV lamps along with 4 facial tanners at 400 watts each. A wide, ergonomically-shaped acrylic and  air condition offer a cool and relaxing tanning session. You can enjoy music with the optional stereo sound system complete with MP3 dock-in and SD card slot for a totally customized experience. 

About Us


15 min Pro Sun 32 lamp 3 face tanners


Tan America 12 min Stand up


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